A cloud service system for designers and retailers to set up their devices, generate their advertising content, and track data for offline marketing.

Project Objective

YouSpace is building a brand new ecosystem for offline marketing. In 2018, YouSpace decided to launch an IoT Hub to help retailers customize their interactive advertising banners and track shoppers behavioral data.

I assisted with early research and design as a UX/UI Design Intern. This included creating wireframes, user flows, conducting usability tests and product iterations. In 2019, YS Hub was launched.

My Role

UX Design
Usability testing
UI Design




MVP: Dec 2018 - Jan 2019
New design iteration: Dec 2019


Design Manager: Amy Chien
Frontend Engineer: Louis Vu
Engineer lead: Jonathan Li

The Challenge

In traditional retail stores, retailers need to change advertising content frequently for their storefront windows and displays. And this resulted in high production fees. Additionally, there is no intelligent way to engage customers, increase emotional bond and conversations, and capture the offline shopper behavior data.

In 2018, YouSpace needed to build an IoT hub for YouSpace customers, so that designers can create their application templates, retailers can set up devices, customize their own applications, and gather behavioral analytics.

More about youspace

YouSpace Total Experience Kit includes YouSpace IoT devices (hardware), YouSpace Cloud Service (software), and Interactive content platform (software).

YouSpace Inc. is an innovative technology company based in Silicon Valley. I was mainly in charge of building YouSpace Cloud Service (YouSpace Hub) from scratch. To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted confidential information in this case study.

YouSpace Total Experience Kit (TEK) is an AI toolkit that utilizes motion capture technology to transform any digital display to a smart interactive screen.

The Solution

YouSpace Hub is a cloud service system for designers and retailers to generate and update their advertising content.

It includes proprietary YS Interactive Content Platform, Analytics, Content Management, and Remote Administration. Users can set YouSpace TEK devices in the YS Hub, and assign applications to their devices. All data is captured in the YS Hub, creating more possibilities for offline marketing.



After purchasing the TEK, users will get a YS Hub URL from the instruction booklet. On the login page, YouSpace users can see possibilities for different use cases.


After setting up the TEK, users can customize their applications. Each application uses gesture free interaction such as swipe, point, or thumbs up, which unlocks more possibilities for retailers and marketers.


To track more data and discover more behavioral insights, users can set all their devices in the hub and mange them on the device list.


To enhance the customization experience, users can store their assets and applications in their library and organize them by categories.


Understanding people's offline shopping behaviors can lead to untapped business insights and design opportunities. On the dashboard, users can get a bird's eye view of all their applications and device data. If they want to drill down to one specific device, data such as foot traffic, attractions, engagements and individual engagement time are all recorded.

Application deployment

Browse applications

Pick one application to customize.

Customize content

Upload image(s) or video(s), select device orientation and assign to one specific device.

Schedule deployment

Pick date, time, and confirm the schedule.

Design and develop

Start From The MVP

With the information architecture provided by the team, I brainstormed the next step for YS Hub including data gathered, and key functionalities.

As a UX/UI Design Intern, designing the application customization experience and deployment schedule flow were my main focus.

User Flow & System Structure

Before I could jump into designing, it was important to define the system structure and the core experience with our team. After syncing up with engineers and design manager, I finalized our core user flow and system structure. They helped me come up with the MVP prototype.

Design The MVP

I created these wireframes and a lo-fi prototype to reframe our features and core experience. To register an YouSpace account, users need to go to and find the YS hub on the top navigation. After signing up, they can go to YS Hub to onboard their TEK devices or customize their advertising content.

We separated the work -- Amy was responsible for the on-boarding flow while I were focusing more on the application customization and remote management. And I did a few design iterations based on the feedback from our usability tests.

After I left the company, I delivered my design to Amy Chien (Creative director at YouSpace) for further development. Amy worked with YouSpace engineers for a couple of months, and YS hub launched in May 2019.


After the product launched, we heard some feedback from our customers and I proposed the new design for the team. Use the link below to check out the prototype:

New Design Proposal

High Fidelity Mock Up


Bridging technology and business

Design Innovation is not just about coming up with new ideas and products. It's also about changes that lead to growth and differentiation. Collaborating with 3D artists and engineers, we maximized user interaction functionality through Motion Capture Technology. This internship experience opened my eyes to NUI (Natural User Interface) and how it's potential for different industries.

A huge thanks for Amy Chien (design manager at YouSpace) who guided the project. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at
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