Xi(Claire) Zhou

A UX designer aspires to build the right things for the right people
Currently @ PlayStation

Gen AI | Startup | Web/Mobile

Virtu AI

An interactive platform for users co-design with AI assistant for their press-on nails
Coming soon
E-commerce | Web/Mobile | Interaction Design

PlayStation Return Optimization

Improve post purchase experience on PS Direct
* Non-disclosure agreement restricts my ability to share confidential information. However, I’d like to talk you through this case study in person/video call.
Service Onboarding | Multiplatform | Concept Exploration

PlayStation Plus Early Life

Help subscribers onboard PS Plus membership benefits and drive engagement in their first 7 days.
* Non-disclosure agreement restricts my ability to share confidential information. However, I’d like to talk you through this case study in person/video call.
Design Systems | Console | Interaction Design

PlayStation Account Creation

Improve the efficiency of account creation on the PlayStation 5 console.
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Enterprise Cybersecurity | Desktop Design

Secure Email Relay Dashboard

A tool for email admins to keep track of email flow and identify/resolve issues
Password protected
Mobile Design | IoT | Usability Testing

Meural Upload Redesign

An app that allows users to upload photos/videos to their digital photo frames
Password protected

Work experience

UX Designer
May 2022 — Now
Product Design Intern
June 2021 — Aug 2021
UX Designer/Researcher
May 2019 — May 2021
YouSpace, Inc.
UI/UX Design Intern
Nov 2018 — Jan 2019


"Claire(Xi) understands the value of UX and is a great partner in harnessing research tools to ask the right questions and to validate design solutions. Claire is not only smart and driven, but also a fun and pleasant person to have as a teammate. "

Kirk Wicks - Lead Interaction Designer @Netgear

"Claire(Xi) is a curious and motivated individual who pays very close attention to directions and enjoys wearing multiple hats in the company. She is a tenacious person with excellent communication skill and her product execution is always clean and sharp. "

Amy chien - lead PRODUCT designer @playstation

"Claire(Xi) is like those posters: prolific, colorful, fun, inviting, and impossible to miss."

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