I’m Claire Zhou, a product designer based in San Francisco, who is passionate about solving hard problems by designing engaging and intuitive experiences.

Selected Projects
Experience Design | Need finding | Prototyping


FangFang is a virtual assistant that collects both housing and roommate information for struggling renters.
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B2B | Experience design | Usability tests

YouSpace Hub

YouSpace Hub is a cloud service system for designers and retailers to generate and update their advertising content. It includes proprietary YS Interactive Content Platform, Analytics, Content Management, and Remote Administration.
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Experience Design | Prototyping | Lean Startup

Routine Ninja

Routine Ninja is an app that motivates teenagers to manage their Type 1 diabetes by providing positive rewards.
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Experience Design | Need finding | Prototyping


Arrive is an online forum that provides personalized information recommendations, articles, and local services for recently immigrated families with kids to adapt to their new home and connect with the local community.
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My Experience

Adelie Health
UX Designer (senior thesis)
Sep 2019 — Present
Research/UX Design Contractor
May 2019 — Present
YouSpace, Inc.
UI/UX Design Intern
Nov 2018 — Jan 2019
UX Design Intern
June 2018 — Aug 2019

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