Welcome to my playground

At school I tried to explore different areas to expand my interests such as programming, Mix reality, 3D Modeling, video editing, graphic design and etc.


I used HTML, CSS and JavaScript to code my photography portfolio. I use this site to document my recent trips, upload edited photos/videos and share my travel tips.

Link to the site
Mix Reality

When we are new in the school/company, it can be embarrassing when we forget others’ names. We are also unsure about each others’ strengths and weaknesses when we are not familiar with each other. Plus, the current workshop experience can be more engaging.

I used Lens Studio to build new ways for people interact with one another in workshops.

3D Modeling

Inspired by Monopoly, I used SketchUp to design the student orientation event held by student associations and clubs at California College of the Arts.

Video Editing

Routine Ninja is an app that motivates teenagers to manage their Type 1 Diabetes by providing positive rewards. I used Adobe Premiere to edit the product video.

Link to my senior thesis