About Me

Hello! I'm Claire Zhou, an interaction designer currently based in San Francisco. I am passionate about developing ideas and concepts into engaging and intuitive experiences. I also enjoy designing around people’s needs and finding the balance between business and research. It’s through design that I’m able to use my abilities to shape a better world. I see the value of my creative skills and what I can do for my users and society at large. I look for adventures in different industries such as education, IoT, social media, healthcare and so on.

I have a background in industrial design and interaction design, I also would love to explore the intersection between physical and digital experiences. Feel free to grab a ☕️with me or check my resume.


Design is problem-solving

Keeping on open mind and looking at things as though it was the first time helps to understand the “Why” and “How” behind things. Asking the right questions leads to inspiring insights, and inspiring insights drive design and ideas. Designers are creative problem solvers.

Design is making iterations

There are thousands of ways to approach the same problem, but no one can be sure about which way works the best, which makes it interesting. Testing ideas, hearing feedback, and iterating based on what we hear, we can provide better solutions for problems.

Design is team collaboration

A good team can make good products. Ideation, understanding business needs and technical constraints all require collaboration.

Work experience

  • Netgear
    UX Design/Research Contractor
    2019. May - Present
  • Adelie Health
    UX Designer
    2019. Sep - Present
  • YouSpace. Inc
    UX/UI Design Intern
    2018. Nov - 2019. Jan
  • 58.com
    UX Design Intern
    2018. June - 2018. Aug
  • IoT
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Social media
  • Automobile
  • Exploring :)

My life outside of work


I love food. I love to cook. I love to eat.

Cooking mindfully can be extremely therapeutic. And cooking is one of those tasks that encourages you to really focus ;)


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