A little about me

Hello! I'm Xi (Claire) Zhou, an Experience Designer and Product Strategist with a UX research background. I have worked on both Enterprise SaaS and customer-facing products.

My research background helps me understand different problem spaces and look at designs in a bigger picture.
My goal is to be a UX Designer who bridges users’ needs, business strategies, and the latest technologies.

My journey

2018. Get into entrepreneurship and innovation

UX Design Intern

Responsible for designing Mixed Reality applications and an IoT Hub with the multidisciplinary development team for YouSpace TEK, an AI toolkit that uses motion capture technology.

2018. Start to learn the real world context

UX Design Intern

- Collaborated effectively with data analysts, researchers, designers, and product managers. Designed an app that helps people find roommates and houses to improve shared housing experiences.
- Developed design strategy and enhanced the product experience for 5 million users in China.

2019. Dive deep into the product research

UX Researcher/UX Designer

- Worked on usability testings, persona and Jobs-To-Be-Done research for mostly Netgear Insight and Meural (digital photo frame).
- Improved the onboarding process into intuitive, accessible and easy-to-use solutions for people around the world from the first-time user to the sophisticated expert.

2021. Get back to design

Product Design Intern

- Designed for enterprise email security admin dashboard experience
- Redesigned a centralized account hub across different Proofpoint products.

Future. Keep exploring ;)

When I am free

I enjoy my time with camera

I spent a lot of time taking photos and videos. I also coded a website to document my rent trips and photos I took.

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