Account creation

Improve the efficiency of account creation on the PlayStation 5 console.

Project Objective

The PS5 console account creation process is longer than competitors. This is due to the complexity brought by the controller, information overload, and people prefer to use mobile sign-up.

Working across the Design Systems team and Account team, I designed an interaction pattern to reduce the interaction cost to help users more efficiently fill out the form. I also explored the future design of account creation by rearranging layouts and bringing delightfulness.

My Role

UX Design Intern




May - Aug 2022


Collaborate with Account, Design Systems, OSK(on screen keyboard), Voice Agent, Research, Product and Design Technology team

Project impact

Calculation of our success metrics based on the PS5 experience.
New design saves: 
43% of number of clicks 
26% of time spent on tasks 

Future exploration saves: 
49% of number of clicks 
28% of time spent on tasks

Future exploration reduced 21% of number of screens

Future exploration makes the experience exciting and keeps them want to move to next steps.

The new design is currently in the process of getting shipped, so if you are interested in learning more about my project, please reach out to me!


Think beyond requirements

Instead of only focusing on the interaction pattern, my manager and mentor gave me opportunities to scale the scope of the project. I was able to advocate for end customers and think how to improve the account creation experience overall. By doing this, I was able to deliver something that beyond our PM's expectations.

Communicate across multiple teams

This is the biggest challenge and learning. It was an exciting opportunity to get to work with so many teams such as Account, Design Systems, OSK(on-screen keyboard), Voice Agent, Research, Product, and Design Technology teams. This helps me to ask the right questions and think about how to ship products at a scale.

I was also featured in the PlayStation Intern Spotlight 😊To learn my internship experience.

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