Google Design Exercise

Chimerapalooza event is a new student orientation event held by student associations and clubs. Every club and organization has their own events that are open to everyone in the CCA(California College of the Arts)community during Chimerapalooza.

For CCA, this is the main event where clubs and organizations showcase their activities during the orientation week. Besides Chimerapalooza, CCA’s orientation events are strictly scheduled.
Project Overview
A new school year is approaching and the orientation team is looking for some design expertise. Design an experience for students to discover orientation events and craft a visual system to accommodate different types of events: sports, music, visual arts, social groups, and volunteering events. Provide high-fidelity mocks for searching, browsing, and viewing the details for these different events.
Project Details
Project Duration: 7 days
My Role: UX design intern
Approach: Research, ideation, sketching, 3D modeling, visual design, UX design
Tools: Sketch, Invision, Adobe Illustrator, SketchUp

The Challenge
1. New students are lacking access to information about events
2. New students also feel insecure because of the new environment.
3. Students are willing to participate and check out clubs’ information at physical events.
The Goal
Encourage social interactions between students and help them explore Chimerapalooza
The Solution
I was inspired byMonopoly. CCA didn't provide a lot of clubs’ information on the official website. Also, students are more willing to participate and check clubs’ information at physical events. So I combined the visual elements of Monopoly with Chimerapalooza event to create a delightful experience for students to explore events in different club booths.
So how might we improve the experience of searching, browsing, and viewing the details for these different events during Chimerapalooza?


Students can get the ticket through e-mail, social media, school website, posters or new student orientation. Take the poster I designed as an example, we will put the poster on the campus and school entrance to let students know beforehand. By scanning the QR code, the student can get the free ticket on the CCA website.

On the ticket, we generate the QR code for students as their event ID.Based on the color of students’ tickets, they will be paired into different groups.


After students arrive Chimerapalooza, the staff will pair them up based on the color of their tickets and give them event maps at the check-in area, Every pair can get a money bag from the bank which has money and opportunity cards inside. They can use the money to trade with club booths, buy food and drinks or buy prizes.Mapping out the arrangement can help students to explore different booths in the Chimerapalooza.


After find out which club or organization is interesting, then the student can get in the booth and know more about them. I designed several posters to accommodate different types of club events.

I also developed a visual system which accommodates different club events. For example, business cards and brochures.On the brochure, the club will offer detailed information such as club description, previous activities and upcoming events.


Design Process



I interviewed 4 CCA students and 2 college students. By asking them questions about their previous experiences, I generated an experience map in order to analyze their behavior and thoughts.

Current experience

1. Most of freshman have limited access to school events, and they feel everything is too new to them;
2. As new students, some of them feel emotionally insecure;
3. They know school usually has an orientation for all new students, and all school clubs and organizations would come together on that day.

Freshman don't know how to find events on the school website, BUT:
1. They check their email;
2. They usually look at posters and brochures;
3. They talk to other students;
4. They follow school's social media.


1.Lack of access to information about events
2.Insecurity because of the new environment
3.Nervous feelings about reaching out to other new students

1.An easier way to access events’ information
2.Engaging and delightful experiences to make her feel less nervous Support in meeting new people
1. People have limited access to what's happening.
2. People feel emotionally insecure as new students and hesitate to talk to people;
3. They need freedom but also some guidance to explore the event.
How might we
1. Let students know event information beforehand easily?
2. Provide engaging and delightful experiences to make students feel less nervous and encourage their social interactions?
3. Provide proper guidance and encourage students exploring the event?

1. How might we let students know event information beforehand in an easier way?
There are a lot of ways to attract new students. Based on their existing behaviors such as they check school e-mail and follow the school’s social media, we can promote Chimerapalooza in the same way.

2.How might we provide engaging and delightful experiences to make students feel less nervous and encourage their social interaction?
“Yes! Amusement parks are awesome! No one would dislike amusement parks I think. ” Yuqiong said. All of my interviewees mentioned their experiences of amusement parks during the interview. After I brainstormed different possibilities, the word of boardgames stands out from other directions. In order to dig deeper about “boardgames” direction, I started to create mood boards to help me gather more inspirations.

3.How might we provide proper guidance and encourage students exploring the event?Provide maps and clear wayfinding services & Gamify the event experience.


Visual Identity

Mood boards
When I was trying to create mood boards, I found Monopoly, which no matter visual design or rules gave me a lot of inspirations.So I decided to combine Monopoly with Chimerapalooza can make full use of Monopoly ’s visual elements.

Style tile



3D Modeling

How Monopoly works - Money bag
1.Money: you can get money to trade with club booths, buy food and drinks or buy prizes;
2.Opportunity Cards: chances cards are randomly put inside the money bag. You can use them at any time. For example, you can ask whoever wears black to transfer you whole his or her money.

Thank you so much for your time. I hope you enjoyed it.