Topic Exploration - EDUCATION WORKSHOP
Process documentation

How did we work together?
What did we do?
What are the details of the activity?
How did we delegate?
What was it like during the workshop?
Did our peers get what we wanted them to learn?
How did we assess success?
What would we do differently in the future?
What advice would we give to the next topic team?


- Team members: Asher Ran, Jay Wang, Anchi Hsin, Claire Zhou
- Workshop overview: We did a quick presentation about education and then hold a self-reflection workshop to help our classmates to understand their learning journey so far, at the end of the workshop we walked through Kristian's The whole body learning curriculum framework.
- Collaboration: We brainstormed a lot of ideas at the very beginning, but the idea of the education workshop attracted all our attention. After we decided to conduct a workshop, each one of us brainstormed a few worksheets and brought them to discuss in a team. It was a little bit struggling since everyone has our idea, but we tried to work them out as a team. After we finalized the workshop flow, we split our work and did one rehearsal round with Natalia. Based on her feedback and our observation, our final workshop is well-conducted on Friday ;) We are very glad that it seems like everyone enjoyed the workshop session.

2. Some iterations and observations based on our rehearsal round

Some changes that we had: 1. we got rid of the first three sheets; 2. we combined the last two sheets and sessions.

3. Reflection

What we would do differently I think we did a great job. Maybe we just need to short the time a little bit, it is a little bit longer than I thought.

Suggestions A Workshop is a great option for the theme of "education". I think choosing the most appropriate form to help people learn about the topic.

4. Appendix

1. Workshop plan:

2. Workshop plan: