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Topic Exploration - Game
participation reflection post

- What was the topic?
- Who facilitated (the team in charge)
- What was the activity?
- Any notes you took, photos, sketchnotes, output from activity, etc.

1. Background

- Topic: education;
- Team: Alvin, Tiger, Sherrie, Tia
- Activities: Presentation and games.

2. Notes I took, photos, sketchnotes, output from activity, etc.

3. Reflection

It's the first workshop that we participated in this semester, "game" is a great theme to start. I thought it would be really fun but I didn't expect it would be educational. Gamification is a word that we heard over and over again, but I haven't thought about how to break down the elements or the game dynamics, and how does each dynamic contributes to the gamification system. In this way, we have metrics to compare and refer to when we do our own projects or analyze other people's work.

The activities part makes everyone engaged. It's very helpful to make sure everyone is awake at 9 in the morning(just kidding). Engagement helps productivity and learning. Since we are holding a workshop next week, it's very helpful to see how other groups organize activities like this.