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Topic Exploration - transportation
participation reflection post

- What was the topic?
- Who facilitated (the team in charge)
- What was the activity?
- Any notes you took, photos, sketchnotes, output from activity, etc.

1. Background

- Topic: Transportation and way-finding
- Team: Jessica, Omar, Gina
- Activities: Presentation and workshop

2. Notes I took, photos, sketchnotes, output from activity, etc.

And for the workshop, we teamed up with 3-4 people, and our team was working on the design proposal 3 -- How might we encourage the use of different transportation methods to Olympic events?
I would say I really like how they organized the workshop, no matter the story telling or the visual presentation. But to be honest, I think I was a little bit stuck at that time maybe because of the time frame and my limited background knowledge of transportation. We came up with a few idea but I think they are not consistent enough. We can do better if we have more time.

3. Reflection

This final topic exploration is very helpful, especially way finding principles. The principles of universal design is applicable for all design project as well.

Opportunities to use these principles
I was hoping we have the opportunity to use way finding principles somehow during our workshop, but we didn't have the chance to use these principles. Probably we can use them sometimes when we are doing other projects.