DMU - Diabetesmine univeristy
2019 Innovation Summit & DData Technology ExChange

1. Background

The DiabetesMine Innovation Summit is a unique, patient-led gathering of "diabetes stakeholders" – informed patient advocates, device designers, pharma marketing and R&D leaders, regulatory experts, clinicians, digital health leaders, investors, and more – that aims to spur conversations and collaborations that accelerate change.

This gathering represents a tremendous opportunity to “connect the dots” between patients, industry, entrepreneurs, designers, and physicians – the brightest minds doing the most innovative thinking in the diabetes world to date.

The program featured three awesome hands-on workshops and two “general sessions” covering the following topics:The ‘Consumerization’ of DiabetesPatient Entrepreneurship and Health Design HubsHumans, Diabetes and Virtual RealityBeyond Product Focus: Designing for the Diabetes ExperienceDriving Social Media for Health Impact. ( )

This year, they held two-days sessions at UCSF. The schedules are attached below. I only attended the second day because my school schedule conflicted with the conference.

2. Notes I took, photos, sketchnotes, output from activity, etc.

3. Reflection

Everyone is an innovator.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the first-day workshops. But I heard so many people were talking about the first-day workshop sessions. Through collaborating with people who have different backgrounds, everyone was involved in different opportunity areas in this diabetes ecosystem. There were three workshops on the first day -- A payer imperative: reinventing the customer experience, New frontiers in capturing & processing patient insights, and design principles for a patient-centered future.

Amy is the host of this conference, so I asked about the first-day workshop sessions. She told me that she could send me presentation decks and help me connect with these speakers if necessary.

Design is for behavior change.

I remembered that we have a class called "behavior" during our junior year. The healthcare industry is very people-centered, and a lot of products are related to human behaviors, at least diabetes. Some speakers were sharing how they force the behavior change for people.

Ascensia Diabetes coaching system was introduced to the public during the DData Demo session. Even the solution is for people with type 2 diabetes to enable them to live healthier lives. It combines guidance from a CDE(Certificated Diabetes Educator) via mobile app with a self-manage tool that can be used at home to provide unique service that offers continues and holistic support. It is designed for people to form healthy habits and led them to achieve meaningful goals.

The design is focusing on:
- quick and achievable;
- measurable and data driven;
- one burst at a time;
- small actions every day;
- Agreement but not assignments.

While Routine Ninjia is trying to achieve the same goal, we can definitely learn more about this coaching system : )

See all photos and notes I took on Friday: