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Topic Exploration - Natural User Interfaces
participation reflection post

- What was the topic?
- Who facilitated (the team in charge)
- What was the activity?
- Any notes you took, photos, sketchnotes, output from activity, etc.

1. Background

- Topic: Natural User Interfaces
- Team: Elijah, Nathalia, Jimmy, Grace
- Activities: Presentation, workshop and our presentation

2. Notes I took, photos, sketchnotes, output from activity, etc.

I would say this group did really good job on presentation intro. I was surprised about how bring up the theme of NUI. At the beginning, the title on the keynote was super small, then Jimmy used his hands to interact with the title. It attracted everyone's attention :)
I would say the workshop is the funniest that I have ever had. And Our group got “Tetris”. Tiger, Tara and I couldn't stop laughing when we were brainstorming together. I attached some brainstorming process sketches below.

In the end, we came up with the "party version Tetris”. I couldn’t think of how we came up with this idea but at that time we were just thinking how can we make it funnier. The girl who rotates her pony tail might be our inspiration.

So the final concepts are separated two people version and one person version:
For the two people version
1. Two people can push each other and move the block;
2. Two people rotate their heads together to rotate the block;
For one person
1. One person can blow the block to move it left or right;
2. One person can hold their breath to froze the block;

3. Reflection

It's really fun to see how other groups were working on the workshop brainstorming sessions as well. The design of Ring offers a lot of imagination of the future life.

As designers, NUI expanded our abilities to design more for people. It reflected my previous work experience at YouSpace ( But when I was a junior, I didn’t understand there is a term for what I was doing for the company. I was doing some features and prototyping for them. Even though I was helping them with the YouSpace hub design, the thing I am more involved with is the interaction of our Total Experience Kit, an AI toolkit use motion capture technology.
Wait for the right time
We checked some reviews about the ring. Unfortunately, I think Technology is not developed enough to support the functionality. People are saying they need a lot of time to train the algorithm with the gesture, and the device is very big to wear every day. 

Once the technology is more mature. I think that's the right time for NUI to bloom.