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Topic Exploration - MENTAL HEALTH
participation reflection post

- What was the topic?
- Who facilitated (the team in charge)
- What was the activity?
- Any notes you took, photos, sketchnotes, output from activity, etc.

1. Background

- Topic: Mental Health
- Team: Will, Natalia, Tai, Rita
- Activities: Presentation, Meditation and Kahoot!

2. Notes I took, photos, sketchnotes, output from activity, etc.

During the presentation, they talked about what caused mental health, what kind of symptoms are considered as mental health symptoms, how to deal with mental health. After 10-min meditation, we did a Kahhoot test together with the whole class.

3. Reflection

It's comprehensive presentation, but I think it's a little bit broad and general for me. I'm more interested in stories or analysis. I was expecting them talk about some well-known events or social experiment such as Stanford prison experiment and discuss together.

I am also personally interested in "Youtube Influencers' mental issue", I remembered they brought up this but they didn’t go deep and explain.